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Styling Sarees in Snow: Shilpa Tolani's Guide to Yash Raj Film-Inspired Winter Elegance

Learn Shilpa Tolani's innovative tips for wearing a saree comfortably in sub-zero temperatures, inspired by classic Bollywood glamour.

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Styling Sarees in Snow: Shilpa Tolani's Guide to Yash Raj Film-Inspired Winter Elegance

Photo Credit: Shilpa Tolani Instagram

  • Shilpa Tolani fashion influencer and digital creator
  • She shares tips on - how to wear saree in snow
  • Time to create Yash Raj Chiffon saree moments!

Ever wondered how Bollywood heroines manage to look effortlessly graceful in chiffon sarees amidst snowy landscapes in films? Fashion influencer Shilpa Tolani reveals her secrets to pulling off this iconic Yash Raj film look, even in freezing temperatures. Discover how to stay warm while embracing the ethereal charm of a saree in snowy settings.

Emulating Bollywood's Winter Saree Magic

Staying Warm with Smart Layering:

Wearing a saree in chilly weather is all about smart layering. Shilpa shares her personal strategy for braving minus five-degree conditions. Start with two pairs of calf-length thermal socks, followed by calf-length boots to insulate your feet and lower legs. Underneath the saree, wear thermal pants that extend up to the waist for full coverage and added warmth.

Skipping the Moisturizer:

Instead of using body lotion, which can make the skin feel colder in windy and snowy conditions, Shilpa skips this step entirely. Dry skin surprisingly aids in keeping warm when exposed to cold air.

Using Pain Relief Cream:

An unconventional yet effective method Shilpa uses involves applying pain relief cream on exposed body parts, excluding the face and front of the neck. The cream creates a warming sensation, helping to maintain body heat during outdoor shoots.

Quick and Efficient Shoots:

To minimize exposure to the harsh weather, Shilpa wraps up her photo shoots within 15-20 minutes. Carrying the pain relief balm throughout the shoot allows for quick reapplications to ensure continuous warmth.

Alcohol-Free Warmth:

For those who do not consume alcohol, which is often used by some to feel warm in cold environments, Shilpa's method offers a practical and sober alternative. She emphasizes the importance of finding what works best for you, sharing her experience as a guideline.

Shilpa Tolani's innovative approach to wearing a saree in the snow allows fashion enthusiasts to channel their inner Bollywood diva, regardless of the cold. Her tips not only offer warmth but also ensure that style remains uncompromised. Whether you're planning a winter photo shoot or attending a chilly outdoor event, these insights can help you stay warm and stylish in your saree, proving that with the right preparations, you can recreate those magical Yash Raj moments anywhere.

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