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Fashion Rapid Fire: Mansi Ugale's Style Secrets

A quick and stylish fashion conversation with Mansi Ugale. Discover her fashion favorites, tips, and unique style approach.
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Mansi Ugale's Style Secrets

Photo Credit: Mansi Ugale Instagram

  • Mansi's go-to fashion piece for effortless style
  • Brown is the color that defines Mansi's fashionable wardrobe
  • Mansi Ugale's unique fashion hack

Get ready for a rapid-fire fashion session with Mansi Ugale. The versatile creator spills the beans on her go-to fashion pieces, preferred trends, and top style hacks. Know more about her signature colour, favourite fashion designer, and much more in this candid fashion chat.

What's your go-to fashion piece for an effortless yet stylish look?

Cargo pants, boyfriend jeans, denim jacket.

One fashion trend you're currently obsessed with?

Cargo pants.

Your favorite fashion designer or brand?

Why So Blue Love, Ishkaara, and Kaira by Nikita are some of the small business brands that I love.

The most underrated accessory you believe everyone should have?

A pair of black boots.

High heels or comfy sneakers?

Comfy sneakers.

Describe your style in three words.

Comfy, Comfy, and Comfy.

A fashion rule you love to break?

Repeating clothing.

What's your favorite season for fashion and why?

Winters, because I love layering.

One fashion item you can't leave the house without?

My denim jacket.

Vintage or modern fashion?

Best of both!

Top fashion tip for boosting confidence?

Wear what you are comfortable in.

The best fashion-related advice you've ever received?

That repeating clothes is okay.

What's your signature color to wear?


Describe the outfit that makes you feel most empowered.


Share a memorable fashion faux pas you've experienced.

Wearing a stained blazer to an event.

A fashion trend from the past you'd love to see make a comeback?

Flared pants.

How do you balance comfort and style in your outfits?

I balance comfort and style by keeping the outfit comfy and experimenting with accessories - like wearing a necklace as a belt.

Share a fashion hack that everyone should know.

Using necklaces as belts to elevate any outfit.


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