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Ankush Bahuguna Reveals How to Apply Makeup without the Use of Many Makeup Brushes

Learn how to use a single brush for several cosmetic stages with Ankush Bahuguna's money-saving makeup ideas.

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Ankush Bahuguna's money-saving makeup ideas

Photo Credit: Ankush Bahuguna Instagram

  • Learn how to use a single brush for multiple makeup steps
  • Discover Ankush Bahuguna's tips for a budget-friendly makeup routine
  • Master the art of achieving a flawless look with minimal tools

Makeup Simplified: One Brush, Many Applications

Ankush Bahuguna debunks the misconception that you need a large collection of cosmetic brushes to produce a gorgeous look in his latest video. He emphasizes the adaptability of a standard eye shadow mixing brush.

Perfect Under-Eye Correction

Ankush shows how this fluffy brush is ideal for applying peach colour corrector under the eyes. Its size and precision make it ideal for this delicate area, while also ensuring that you use the correct quantity of substance.

Natural Concealing's Magic

Discover Ankush's concealer application technique with the same brush. Learn how to use this procedure to achieve a natural, perfect look with no harsh lines or stains on your skin.

Simple Foundation Application

Ankush recommends using your fingers for foundation application while praising the fluffy brush for all other procedures. He shows how simple it is to blend and get a seamless effect with just one tool.

Perfecting Your Makeup Sequence from Light to Dark

Ankush emphasizes the need to employ the correct sequence when using a single brush for different makeup operations. He demonstrates how he begins with complexion cosmetics and then moves on to blush and contouring.

Surprisingly Precise Contouring Notice how Ankush's contouring brush excels in precision. Its small size enables for precise application, giving your face a perfectly sculpted appearance.

At Its Finest, Multitasking

Ankush ends by stating that this adaptable brush can also be used for eye makeup, making it an all-in-one tool for your full makeup process.

For beauty fanatics, Ankush Bahuguna's professional advice on simplifying your makeup regimen and saving money on brushes is a game changer. With his help, you may achieve a faultless appearance without spending a fortune on a large assortment of brushes.

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