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Abhimanyu Singh Dalal's Top Weekend Getaway Picks for September and October

Find out about the rough attraction of Mechuka, the post-monsoon splendor of Spiti Valley, and the allure of Kerala in Abhimanyu Singh Dalal's best weekend getaway suggestions.

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Abhimanyu Singh Dalal's Top Weekend Getaway Picks for September and October

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  • Discover the hidden gem of Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Explore the post-monsoon beauty of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
  • Mechuka: The Best-Kept Secret in Arunachal Pradesh

The travel enthusiast Abhimanyu Singh Dalal recently published an exclusive clip showcasing his best recommendations for a holiday in September–October. His first choice is Mechuka, a unique location tucked away in Arunachal Pradesh. Mechuka is known for its unusual topography and difficult trails, and because it is so seldom visited, it is a haven for those looking for adventure.

After-Monsoon Paradise in Spiti Valley:

Our second suggestion from Dalal brings us to Himachal Pradesh's beautiful Spiti Valley. He says that September and October are the ideal months to start a Spiti trip following the monsoon showers of July and August. Travelers may fully enjoy the stunning landscapes and peaceful atmosphere during this season because the area gets pleasant weather with little rain and fewer visitors.

Kerala: The One-Stop Travel Spot

The ever-diverse state of Kerala is Abhimanyu Dalal's third pick. He extols Kerala's merits as a vacation spot that can satisfy each traveller's interests. Kerala provides everything you might want from a weekend getaway to a lengthy 15-day holiday. This southern treasure offers a variety of experiences, from gorgeous mountains to peaceful beaches, making it one of Dalal's particular favourites.

The reel of Abhimanyu Singh Dalal offers insightful information on these three wonderful locations for the next weekends in September and October. Whether it's the undiscovered beauty of Mechuka, the post-monsoon charm of Spiti Valley, or the all-pervasive appeal of Kerala, each destination offers a distinctive experience. So, if you're searching for the ideal vacation, think about these possibilities and be ready for an incredible experience.

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