Via Greesha Dhingra Highlights the Importance of the Correct Way of Meditation

Use a Balanced Breathing Method to Improve Your Meditation Activity

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Via Greesha Dhingra Highlights the Importance of the Correct Way of Meditation

  • More profound meditation session.
  • Easy to practice at Home.
  • Important rules for Secure Breathing Exercise.

In a deeper level of awareness known as meditation, the brain finds an optimal balance within by overcoming the limitations of the inner and exterior worlds. The devoted learner and instructor Greesha Dhingra discusses the significance of energy routes, or nadis, in promoting this balanced condition.

Best Way to Meditate:

The internalizing and externalizing forces that exist within each of us are symbolized by the Ida and Pingala nadis, accordingly. During meditation, if one of these nadis is dominant, it frequently causes restlessness (Rajas) or lethargy (Tamas). To attain authentic meditation, it is necessary to have both nostrils open, enabling the essential life energy, Prana, to pass through the central Sushumna Nadi.

Greesha presents Anulom Vilom, a substitute nostril breathing technique. By using a methodical sequence of inhaling and exhaling via each nostril, this method balances the energies of Pingala and Ida.

Start by fully inhaling and doing the Nasagra mudra. Using your thumb to shut your right nostril, take a six-count breath through your left nostril. Using your little and ring fingers, shut the left nostril while counting to six and exhaling through the right.

Breathe in via your right nostril, out through your left, and then back in. For ten minutes, repeat this pattern while making sure to breathe gently and softly. Finally, release the breath through your left nostril.

While there are many advantages to this procedure, there are some precautions that must be taken. This procedure should not be followed by people who have mucus or cold-related nasal congestion. As an alternative, Greesha suggests using the nose cleansing method Jal Neti to clear congestion and guarantee that energy flows freely through the Sushumna Nadi.

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