Dietitian Kiran Kukreja Highlights Food Responsible for Early Skin Ageing

Kiran Kukreja discusses which meals may be hastening the aging process of the skin.

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Dietitian Kiran Kukreja Highlights Food Responsible for Early Skin Ageing

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  • Premature Aging
  • Forming AGEs & Wrinkles
  • Choose Wisely for Skin

We frequently spend money on skincare regimens and products in an attempt to achieve youthful, glowing skin, but we sometimes forget how big of an influence our food choices can have. Renowned dietitian Kiran Kukreja discusses five typical foods that can be subtly aging your skin. 

Bakery Beware: Kiran Kukreja cautions against the hidden risks associated with freshly baked sweets, despite their appealing appeal. Products from bakeries frequently contain processed sugars and carbs, which can seriously harm your skin. These substances not only exacerbate irritation but also quicken the aging process, giving your skin a lifeless, drained appearance.

Soda Shock: While sipping cold or packaged drinks to quench your thirst may appear harmless, Kiran Kukreja exposes the harmful impacts of their high sugar content. Consuming too much sugar can raise insulin levels, which can cause inflammation and acne breakouts. This can cause accelerated aging over time, making wrinkles and fine lines more likely to appear on your skin.

Salty Surprise: Kiran Kukreja advises against the possible damage that cheese and salty snacks may do to the youthful appearance of your skin, even though they may sate your savory needs. These foods frequently include a lot of salt, which dehydrates and reduces the suppleness of the skin. Long-term ingestion might cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear prematurely, aging your appearance.

Kiran Kukreja draws attention to the risks associated with processed foods and sauces. Ultra-processed foods are well known for encouraging chronic inflammation, which is one of the main causes of aging skin. Preservatives and chemical additives, for example, can harm your skin by compromising its integrity and making it more vulnerable to oxidative stress.

Desserts and Sweets: While consuming desserts and sweets may make you feel better momentarily, Kiran Kukreja advises against the long-term effects. Consuming too much sugar destroys collagen, the protein that keeps the skin supple, in addition to causing weight gain. This can eventually result in drooping skin and obvious aging symptoms.

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