Jayveer Singh is a passionate journalist driven by ethical news and impactful storytelling. With expertise spanning Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Health, and Food, Jayveer has not only led teams but also conducted exclusive interviews at 'Whosthat360 - An NDTV Venture'. He is an absolute news junkie with mostly all the inside news from the Entertainment world. He says he enjoys creating a stir with his writings, wanting people to read and discuss his stories. When not creating difficult questionnaires for interviews, you can find him in the kitchen, making delicious delicacies or attending 'Kirtans'. Follow him on Twitter at @IamJayveerSingh for daily fun and uplifting tweets!

Vaibhavi writes about entertainment for Gadgets360. Over the years, she has covered many beats including travel, culture, science, lifestyle, cinema, fashion, technology, and food. When not panicking about work deadlines, Vaibhavi can be found looking for new places to explore, cuisines to try, and poems to read. Vaibhavi is available as @MisVaibhavi on Twitter and on email at vaibhavim@ndtv.com.

Meet Priyanka Bhatt, a social media professional, sports enthusiast, and passionate storyteller. With her hospitality background and over 6 years of journalism experience, Priyanka has a natural talent for discovering and sharing engaging stories from around the globe. When she's not busy reporting on the latest news, you can find her travelling to new destinations and seeking out exciting experiences. Follow her on X (Twitter) at @iPriyankaBhatt for your daily dose of fun and uplifting tweets!

Currently the Editorial Head at WhosThat360, Sidhi Kapoor is a writer and journalist by profession and has been in the media industry for the last 20 years. She is a hardcore Bollywood fan and loves everything filmy and dramatic! She likes to write and create content on lifestyle and entertainment and has an opinion on everything that happens around the world! Follow her on Instagram @sidhikapoor

Viveka has been entertaining readers for more than a decade now. She has a knack for writing extensive features and believes that a good copy should be crisp yet informative. She has covered several beats over the years including technology, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Apart from fluent sarcasm, Viveka loves to binge-watch and make culinary masterpieces. She is a foodie at heart who loves to indulge in delicious culinary adventures. She also has the superpower of giving the perfect skincare recommendations.

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