Drapes Inspo From Roshni Chopra's Wardrobe

Black'n'White striped handwoven cotton saree is the most versatile drape.

Cotton Handwoven Beauty

Jamdani's rich motifs make it a must-have drape.

Jamdani for Muslin Lovers

Pre-draped ruffled sarees perfectly unleash your inner chic.

Ruffled Drape

Chanderi sarees, known for their intricate zari and opulent embroidery, are among India's finest.

Chanderi Grace

Banarasi drapes are timeless, exuding regal elegance in any era.

Evergreen Banarasi

Sheer net sarees are ideal for those who embody a sophisticated and graceful persona.

Sheer Elegance

To channelize your inner Bollywood glam, own at least one chiffon drape.

Classic Red Chiffons

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